LIVE | Eden Hazard takes to the Bernabéu pitch! Kostenloser MP3-Download

  • Streamed live on Jun 13, 2019

  • Watch Eden Hazard take to the Bernabéu pitch for the first time as a Real Madrid player!
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  • The Lurker
    The Lurker 1 month ago

    Eden hazard good luck from a Chelsea fan

  • This is the Carter
    This is the Carter 1 month ago

    I don't remember seeing this many people at the Bernabeu to greet a new player since Cristiano Ronaldo.

    KAOT FUNKY 1 month ago

    I‘m Barca fan but Madrid bought one of the best players, hope the Clasicos become attractive again

  • Clpzii
    Clpzii 1 month ago

    Thank you Hazard for everything you did at the blues💙💙💙

  • Elvo Pogba
    Elvo Pogba 1 month ago

    Imagine if Hazard had joined Madrid two seasons ago when Ronaldo was still there, this would be the deadliest duo ever🔥

  • Kiki Coguric
    Kiki Coguric 1 month ago

    I cant belive he is now in real madrid

  • Omar El Deeb
    Omar El Deeb 1 month ago

    If you love Eden hazard click like

  • Wasan Alrawi
    Wasan Alrawi 1 month ago

    Real Madrid. Take care of him, he is such a joy to watch. Chelsea are not going to be the same. Bye Eden 💙💙💙💙

  • Khutso Lekhula
    Khutso Lekhula 1 month ago

    He will make us proud. I can't wait to play with Real Madrid on FIFA 20☺

  • Marko San
    Marko San 1 month ago

    theres more fan in this stadium than a champions league game at man city

  • Pushpa Verma
    Pushpa Verma 1 month ago

    Thank you Cristiano

  • Drisc Kid
    Drisc Kid 1 month ago (edited)

    Thank you for Everything you have did at Chelsea💙💙 Real please take care of him 😥😢

  • Ola Ola
    Ola Ola 1 month ago

    Barcelona are in trouble now 😉 and good luck Eden Hazard 😭

  • prince protector
    prince protector 1 month ago

    Thanks eden Hazard for all at chelsea,,, im crying...... But good luck my player we gonna respect you

  • daily fussion
    daily fussion 1 month ago

    He is good player and I am very happy that he joined RM... But that doesn't mean we would compare him with CR7.... CR7 is best and is club legend.....

  • Rigbie Case
    Rigbie Case 1 month ago

    Eden thanks for what you did in Chelsea .... Lots of respect

  • CapTain CapoTe
    CapTain CapoTe 1 month ago

    Cr7 =7

  • Ewink SigiT
    Ewink SigiT 1 month ago

    godbye hazard and thank u 😣😭 from chelsea fans..

  • Abdulinho 11
    Abdulinho 11 1 month ago

    I'm gonna watch Real Madrid matches next season, Chelsea fan✌💙

  • AWK 1304
    AWK 1304 1 month ago

    Thorgan is playing for Dortmund Now ❤️🔥