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  • Published on Jun 16, 2011

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  • Maeryn Lee WH
    Maeryn Lee WH 3 years ago

    Can you imagine o fan of theirs listening to this for the first time? Maybe they're a young teen who has had a bad day at school. Or a twenty something who's getting harassed at work. They come after a long day and just crash on their beds. Exhausted with life and everything that's happening, they consider things they've been thinking about for a few years now and probably should have asked for help with a long time ago. They fall asleep wondering what the point is. They wake up the next on the weekend or a day off. They lounge around on their laptop and find out they're favorite band has released a new song and search for it instantly. They see the title and already start to feel better. And when they click on it and hear it, they never would have guessed that this song would be the one to pull them through long enough to realize everything that's worth living for. They save up money and eventually they get to see them in concert. And it's amazing. They jump around and sing and have the best time of their life. And then they start playing this song. And they sing every word at the top of their lungs. Practically trying to scream their thank you. They can't thank this band enough for what they've done for them. All the nights they were on the verge of doing something horrible, they helped them through it. And this song, it gave them their hope back. This song saved their life.

  • Mirry
    Mirry 3 years ago

    if you're reading this i wanna say that you are extremely beautiful ♡♡

  • Jade Headley
    Jade Headley 3 years ago

    God damn... How different have I been since year 7?? No more depression, no more self harming, just a true person, no more mask.

  • The Creepy Lantern
    The Creepy Lantern 4 years ago

    today I was at my lowest point. I felt like the world had nothing in it that mattered.

  • Jazz jassie
    Jazz jassie 1 year ago

    If you listen this song and read it then I think you are the most beautiful person

  • marie middleton
    marie middleton 3 years ago

    True bands save fans

  • Shyanne Blake
    Shyanne Blake 4 years ago

    Dedicated to my mom, she's my hero... having my older brother at the young age of 17, and then having another child (me) at 24 when she wasn't prepared or ready or even expecting. Then having to put up with me, and all of the bad choices I've made. Also having to deal with my father, who's wanted nothing to do with me and doesn't pay child taxes. Being there for me when I needed a friend, and a shoulder to cry on. Damn I love her. She's a great mother. And she says she's proud of me, but secretly, I'm proud of her...

  • josse13579
    josse13579 3 years ago

    My Best friend showed me this song, and he said "this is What i feel about you" and i almost crying :')

  • Hanna Murphy
    Hanna Murphy 2 years ago

    My life is horrible. No friends, being the odd one out of my 'family.' This causes me to turn to books and music. It's calms me.

  • Cuddleslikespie
    Cuddleslikespie 3 years ago

    I dedicate this to my cat. Yeah...

  • Cloud Swirl
    Cloud Swirl 3 years ago

    I'll dedicate this song to all the bands and youtubers that helped me get through the rough times in my life.

  • Jayne Lee
    Jayne Lee 4 years ago

    All the feels. I almost committed suicide when I was 16, after dropping out of school from bullying and having parents who neglected me because of their own problems. But I didn't because these girls I met online saved me. They were the first real friends I ever had, and what we had in common was music. Music like Simple Plan. I used to blast Untitled all the time because I related to it so much. And all of SP's music. Hearing this song brings me back to those times when I was in so much pain, but also reminds me of the power that music has. It changes so many lives, and this song is testament to that.

  • Jorge Chojeda
    Jorge Chojeda 3 years ago (edited)

    I dedicate this song to my bass. When i started to play it i was getting throught a deep depression, i already had tried to kill myself lot of times and i was expecting eventually i do it again... Now i play the bass in a band with friends that i know in my last year of school just for the music, I get into the college and my life is going for the right way, everything just for my bass, more than just instrument, another part of me.

  • Eleanor Curran
    Eleanor Curran 4 years ago

    Dedicating this song to my mum. She wanted to have a baby girl so bad and after three boys she finally did - but she died before she could see her baby girl grow up. She was and still is my guardian angel and I don't know how I survive without her. Love you mom~

  • jordan braun
    jordan braun 4 years ago

    My song to Dan Howell, Phil Lester, My Chemical Romance, Chris Colfer, Tyler Oakley, Troye Sivan, Connor Franta, Jamie Pine, Pierce the Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, All Time Low, Green Day and Simple Plan.

  • Bennington
    Bennington 1 year ago

    Rip Chester Bennington ♥️

  • aino
    aino 3 years ago

    this is the first time i heard this song.. i was just about to cut again but... maybe i won't this time :)

  • jenna t
    jenna t 4 years ago

    I dedicate this song to YouTubers. They are some amazing people. I literally could not imagine my life without them, I probably wouldn't even have one if it wasn't for them. 3

    PARKER DANIELS 4 years ago

    I dedicate this song to pizza……pizza saved my life🍕🍕🍕

  • Briea
    Briea 3 years ago

    I'm dedicating this song to my therapist.