Cat 657's OM NOM NOM I EAT MOUNTAINS - Part 2 Kostenloser MP3-Download

  • Published on Apr 7, 2012

  • Camera angle 2 of the buggies rounding off the pile of doom so they can pick it up.
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  • watchthe1369
    watchthe1369 1 hour ago (edited)

    drop the bowl, drive over the cliff and hope you get some bite............

  • darkangel2102
    darkangel2102 7 years ago

    Damn those machine sure can move alot of dirt.

  • Reg Pettinger
    Reg Pettinger 7 years ago

    One final thought. Wear hearing protection. I first noticed I was losing my hearing listening to the high pitched hydraulic scream from the front power unit. Man, that's been 40 years ago but it was the best job I ever had. Movin' dirt, it don't get no better than that!

  • Bob Sullivan
    Bob Sullivan 7 years ago

    i love the 657's, so big and fucking awsome!!!!

  • vantagetes
    vantagetes 6 years ago

    The time it took me to knock the pile down (6 minutes) wouldn't be worth having the dozer walk over to do it. The scrapers couldn't work until the pile was fixed for them so it was quicker to use them.

  • Gavin84w
    Gavin84w 7 years ago

    Maybe because a scraper can do it and you don,t need a dozer to do it

  • Lewie McNeely
    Lewie McNeely 3 years ago

    That's what they're made for. Ride 'em, cowboys!!

  • Hairybaz
    Hairybaz 7 years ago

    class as always mate! keep feedin her the good stuff

  • andycflbulb
    andycflbulb 7 years ago

    Would you enjoy trashing a huge hill with a 657 then?

  • ElChafalote
    ElChafalote 1 year ago

    Nice to get paid for having fun

  • KDSeidle
    KDSeidle 5 years ago

    Great video! Who needs dozers

  • Frank Matthey
    Frank Matthey 7 years ago

    Super Video !!

  • Benefield Harcourt
    Benefield Harcourt 4 years ago

    Now? do I put my seatbelt on or?

  • Zeeshan Ahmad
    Zeeshan Ahmad 2 years ago

    love the power of engine & machine especially whistle of turbocharger boost pressure. I work abundantly for CAT 3500 series diesel engines 😎

  • KraziIvan
    KraziIvan 7 years ago

    Cheaper and better video content. Gains a like from me.

  • wcoltharp1
    wcoltharp1 7 years ago

    Wish I could find work like this in TN! I need to move North and work for kidco! Is kidco hiring, lol?

  • Onebadpowerstroke
    Onebadpowerstroke 7 years ago

    Also are the pads and bars on front for push pull scenarios.

  • Marcos Antonio
    Marcos Antonio 4 years ago

    eu queria opera essa coisa

  • Anthony Modrow
    Anthony Modrow 7 years ago

    wow those fuckers are fast

  • Workmule4ever2day
    Workmule4ever2day 5 years ago

    Good idea for bank pushing. And you didn't need another guy or machine. Tactical maneuver success!