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  • Published on Jul 4, 2012

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  • Lol SaVeMe
    Lol SaVeMe 2 months ago


  • Nathan Jenkins
    Nathan Jenkins 2 days ago (edited)

    God had a pencil imagine dragons had a highlighter god drew the world imagine dragons made it brighter EDIT: I swear most likes ever. I just try to spread positivity make the world a happier place

  • SK Usaid
    SK Usaid 3 weeks ago

    Imagine Dragons are "Radioactive" ''Natural" "Demons" "On Top of the World" who turned into "Monsters" and ''It's time" to do "Whatever it Takes" to escape the "Thunder" and become a "Believer" ''Next to me ''and next to the ''warriors'' who are" bleeding out"

  • Chard Lopez
    Chard Lopez 1 month ago

    can i get a like just for nothing ?

  • Joss Soul
    Joss Soul 1 month ago

    My precious friend that died a year ago, this was his favorite song. This song makes me cry but yet comforts me.

  • Dalton the flight simmer

    I'm still listening in 2019😁😊

  • Piggy Blitz
    Piggy Blitz 4 days ago

    This song is only becoming more and more relatable, sadly...

  • Only Another Stolen Soul
    Only Another Stolen Soul 2 weeks ago (edited)

    just wondering guys....

  • Andrew Spratlin
    Andrew Spratlin 3 days ago

    2019 anyone

  • Rama Ayad
    Rama Ayad 5 days ago

    I just realized how old this song is but still bomb 😝😂👌

  • Ariana Reams
    Ariana Reams 1 year ago

    My aunt used to sing this song to me before she died from a rare cancer....... Love you Aunt Christine

  • Easybake oven was just a phase
    Easybake oven was just a phase 1 week ago (edited)

    Teacher: “okay kids draw your favorite mythical creature”

  • Gaming Guy
    Gaming Guy 1 month ago (edited)

    You think radioactive spiders are scary?

  • Suzan Lamar
    Suzan Lamar 2 weeks ago

    I havent failed I just found 10,000 ways that dont work.........and I'll keep going until I find a way that does

  • Leah Mitchell
    Leah Mitchell 1 month ago (edited)


  • Zidax Gamez
    Zidax Gamez 2 months ago

    Your Skin Isn't Paper, Don't Cut It

  • Shae Norris
    Shae Norris 1 week ago

    to anyone scrolling through the comments, chu are bueatiful

    PROPER OREPROS 1 week ago (edited)

    Someone liked

  • never saw this k m8?

    To anyone scrolling thru the comments you are beautiful and good at living and u r cool...

  • Toby Kiser
    Toby Kiser 2 days ago

    Dont want to let you down but I am hell bound