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  • Published on Jun 10, 2019

  • Another interesting week on Magraheb TV, today we go through Patapaa’s interesting events at the Ghana meets Naija 2019 and the events that happened days before. With my Magraheb lens, I look deep into the matters and it’s as entertaining as it could be. Watch, LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE to our Channel for more Wahala videos if you like this episode. Thank you. Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy reUnited, Wendy Shay Snubbed! Magraheb Daily Wahala https://youtu.be/bm1gevrLcQI PATAPAA next Crazy Song after Skopatomanaa, Magraheb Reacts! to 'My Destiny' https://youtu.be/mgBdc_wF7no 🔥 KOFI ADOMAH in Massive Trouble over his Swim with Safina Haroun https://youtu.be/dTxWEcY3Sqc OTHER #MAGRAHEB VIDEOS: Wow! This will Change your Life Literally, Kaakyire Adepa Weekly Lessons || Magraheb https://youtu.be/Imz7L0-gZEU VGMA 2019 Full Review: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, Everything you Missed https://youtu.be/MzIxZlXcXkk 🔥 Shatta Wale turns Gospel Artist + Sarkodie Slapped in the Face by SM Fan https://youtu.be/jzkJFPcAL9U FULL UPDATE: Shatta Wale & Stonebwoy VGMA Wahala + Red Carpet Review https://youtu.be/-7XBOWhCs3A Magraheb Reacts to Nana Acheampong Latest Song #Basaa, Is he still Good or Not? https://youtu.be/Gxxc-jMtGjE
  • 🔥 Patapaa at "Ghana meet Naija 2019" 3ny3 Easy. Magraheb Reacts to all the Wahala tags


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