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  • Published on Jun 15, 2019

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  • Lyn-draws
    Lyn-draws 1 month ago

    casually puts net on his brother

  • tanya johnson
    tanya johnson 1 month ago

    The Johnny cash rooster is ridiculously cool.😎 bamboo is so precious he never does anything wrong. Lol

  • Zach G
    Zach G 1 month ago

    We also have peacocks who would not go in at night. I solved this by walking a full length mirror backwards into the coop. Frank would follow the mirror right in every night.

  • Star Bright
    Star Bright 1 month ago

    Random person: UHHH ITS NOT FATHER’S DAY

  • no thanks
    no thanks 1 month ago

    Why do I feel like the kids give those ducks anxiety?! Lol

  • Gareth roberts
    Gareth roberts 1 month ago

    I really want to know what your incubating now I’m so interested I love your hatching videos / incubation videos

  • Barbara Houk
    Barbara Houk 1 month ago

    I had 4 fathers: 1)my daddy who gave me 1/2 of my genetics and raised me; 2)my father in law, who was a butcher by trade and he trained me in proper handling of meats; 3) a gentleman who was a janitor at the technical school; he was protective of me being the only female enrolled in the school and living at the school and 4) my best girlfriend’s father who had timely advice while I was in medical school.

  • black_knight
    black_knight 1 month ago

    Little brother:Catch "brother with net" i cuaght a chicken xd

  • XBL Pappii
    XBL Pappii 1 month ago

    This family is always so happy and it brings me so much joy

  • Tina Louise
    Tina Louise 1 month ago


  • BrightStar
    BrightStar 1 month ago

    Noooo, I don't want you to give them away but I understand 😢, please give them a good home if you want to sell them

  • Mark
    Mark 1 month ago

    "Even Becky can do it..." that commercial's gonna cost you 😂😂😂

  • Scuffed
    Scuffed 1 month ago

    "I got a chicken."

  • Jessica S
    Jessica S 1 month ago

    Hope you're going to change that PIN after showing it twice... 😜

  • Nora Horne
    Nora Horne 1 month ago (edited)

    I worry about your boys because of the Emu's. The older Emu's get the more aggressive and mean they get. A grown emu can rip a grown man apart with their claws. Steve Irwin's father got a terrible injury from a Emu. I know you hand raised your emu's but Please, Please be careful. ❤

  • TheOddCat sOut
    TheOddCat sOut 1 month ago (edited)

    Uriah: I got a chicken!

  • sciencecontradictions

    'Even Becky can do it!' Hahaha my dad woulda gotten a smack for that comment 😂 happy father's day!

  • Lee Michaels
    Lee Michaels 1 month ago

    Well my father has been gone for quite a while😭 He was a good father and a rocket scientist!

  • Hold the Walnuts
    Hold the Walnuts 1 month ago

    My father is my hero. He sadly passed a couple years back but he is still one the greatest men I ever knew.