The Fish Whisperer
The Fish Whisperer
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In this video, Odie is loving the fall weather and devours shad after shad from my hand. The bass and turtles also joined in the feast. Hope y'all enjoyed this ...Odie Is Hungry!
Odie Is Hungry!
3 week ago
In this video I combine ASMR with the regular turtle feeding videos that I make. They made loud crunching noises as they ate their favorite foods. Thanks for ...Turtle ASMR
Turtle ASMR
2 month ago
In this video I am feeding the turtles and fish and the biggest turtle Tank bites my finger. It doesn't hurt too bad when they bite because of low bite pressure.Tank Bit Me!
Tank Bit Me!
3 month ago
In this video I feed Odie the catfish and the turtles in the pond. Odie ate a lot of shad and is happy. Thanks for watching!Odie Loves Shad!
Odie Loves Shad!
4 month ago
In this video three of the pet turtles race against each other to make it into the pond. GoPro turtle ends up winning the race! Hope y'all enjoyed the video!Turtle Racing!
Turtle Racing!
4 month ago
In this video, I am feeding the pet fish and turtles and my bass named Shadow bites my hand! Shadow was the very first bass that I started feeding almost 10 ...Shadow Bit Me!
Shadow Bit Me!
7 month ago