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  • 22 ביוני 2020

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  • Dude Perfect
    Dude Perfect לפני שבועיים (ערוך)

    Sparky’s LIVE gaming right now!! 🎮 come hang! ⬇️

  • Zach King
    Zach King לפני שבועיים

    Some of these tricks got me thinking...WE GOTTA do a video together!

  • CubingUnited
    CubingUnited לפני 3 ימים

    Imagine the celebrations when Tyler’s kids score at little league or something

  • Luke Lintula
    Luke Lintula לפני יומיים

    I wasn’t too impressed until I saw three basketball nets.

  • Ben Glassen
    Ben Glassen לפני 4 ימים

    Anyone remember when garret said in an interview that he wanted to do the underwater basketball trickshot

  • Sean Breen
    Sean Breen לפני 4 ימים

    To think that they made a room SPECIFICALLY for the upside-down shot

  • A Heavenly Hamburger
    A Heavenly Hamburger לפני שבועיים

    This video is basically "they had us in the first half not gonna lie"

  • Safeen Ahmed
    Safeen Ahmed לפני 5 ימים

    Everyone doing unbelievable trick shots

  • Jonalaska
    Jonalaska לפני 6 ימים

    U really should do a firework stand stereotype video like this comment if u agree

  • Connor Saxton
    Connor Saxton לפני יומיים

    Why is Garrett's one with the disk low key the best trick shot they've ever done

  • BMT Trickshots
    BMT Trickshots לפני 5 ימים

    Who else got this on their recommended in July 2020.......

  • Josh Klinefelter
    Josh Klinefelter לפני שבועיים

    Imagine being a child of a dude perfect and not being into sports

  • Bhavya Jain
    Bhavya Jain לפני יומיים


  • its saga
    its saga לפני 3 ימים

    I was so scared that Tyler was gonna fall on his head in the first one

  • Gilbert
    Gilbert לפני 4 ימים

    I turned the upside down at the beginning thinking I’d outsmarted them and then double tapped the left side to skip back 10 seconds 🤦‍♂️

  • William Harnetty
    William Harnetty לפני 4 ימים

    I knew there was something funny about those bowling pins!

  • TJtheNerd
    TJtheNerd לפני שבועיים

    Imagine the celebrations when Tyler’s kids score at little league or something

  • Ethan Miklos
    Ethan Miklos לפני 4 ימים

    Even watching this the second time I still can’t predict the shots

  • HD Furry
    HD Furry לפני 5 ימים (ערוך)

    When you cant even catch a ball 🎾

    FOXSTAR CLOUD לפני 4 ימים

    The dart one garret threw had a fishing line atached which was pretty cool and was still trick shot for the sole reason of the swing that he had to put into it.