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  • 26 במאי 2020

  • Not in My Name takes a critical yet balanced look at the movement of the political Jewish Left Wing community in North America and their position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Filmed over a period of 2 years in the U.S., Canada, Israel, and the West Bank, the film brings to light the conflict that many Jewish idealists must face within their Jewish community. At the same time, the film examines whether these political standings scrutinize the legitimacy of the existence of the State of Israel. The film tackles head-on the issue of the cloaking of anti-Semitism behind anti-Zionist rhetoric and propaganda and asks what is the final solution that the Political North American Jewish Left hopes for the state of Israel. Facebook - Instagram - @realstoriesdocs Twitter: Content licensed from Syndicado Films. Any queries, please contact us at: Check out our new website for more incredible documentaries: HD and ad-free. Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here:


  • Little Shnook
    Little Shnook לפני חודש (ערוך)

    Every time I see and hear Alan Dershowitz I get chills down my spine... This man defended Jeffrey Epstein... who was a Mossad agent who blackmailed politicians, media personalities, lawyers, judges, celebrities through pedophilia and child torture at his honeypot Island, Little Saint James... This man is has been consistently at the forefront of the Pro-Zionism State of Israel debate.. makes ya think don't it...

  • GOYA
    GOYA לפני חודש

    Such Judgement from those that consider themselves CHILDREN OF GOD - 💜🖖🏼

  • huzar237
    huzar237 לפני חודש

    Lol this was so biased towards Israels side. Notice how they keep showing casualties on Israels side from suicide bombings over and over. They didnt show the thousands of dead Palestinians at the hands of Israeli soldiers.

  • T J
    T J לפני חודש

    USS Liberty.

  • KxnnedyGaming
    KxnnedyGaming לפני חודש


  • Abbas S
    Abbas S לפני חודש

    Lots of Humans ~ Less of humanity !

  • Dannie Alexander
    Dannie Alexander לפני חודש

    You dont share my view= you're an animal.....ok

  • spb
    spb לפני חודש

    So many of the talking points of both sides just seem to go right past each other. Israel's treatment of Palestinians might be rightfully criticized, AND Palestinian rebels might be committing atrocities. Israelis might have a valid claim to a state of their own, AND Palestinians might have a valid claim to political equality in the state that governs them. I don't think I saw any debate in this between two sides who acknowledged each other's reasonable points. Both sides have reasonable points, which is why nuanced discussion is needed.

  • iUFOm
    iUFOm לפני חודש

    Once one believes in god, his idiocy is limitless, with limitless access to other idiots.

  • Arayan Ben
    Arayan Ben לפני חודש (ערוך)

    I wished this episodes is becoming many parts to understand more

  • Alice Wilde
    Alice Wilde לפני 3 שבועות

    I suspect the suicide bombings are staged, done on purpose by the govt to keep the population afraid and in support of retaliation against the Palestinians

  • Rosie Vasquez
    Rosie Vasquez לפני חודש

    That is so sad so much blood shed innocent children being in kill it sad so many people being killed

    DARREN DAY לפני חודש

    Neighbours everybody needs good neighbours just a friendly wave each morning helps to make a better day .....

  • Ann Morshed
    Ann Morshed לפני חודש

    Thanks for your support, I have to tell Israel support every dividing case in middle east they support separation on every where so they can benefit from it and making themselves stronger by weakening other's they don't waste a bullet. They use the lobby in the USA and uesing American army to fight for them . .....🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸

  • nadia Zidane
    nadia Zidane לפני חודש

    God bless you guys who recognised the wright from the wrong ✌✋

  • C. S.
    C. S. לפני חודש

    If you're an "extreme" anything you will never find peace. It's always going to cause destruction in your life one way or another.

  • MAE Gary
    MAE Gary לפני 6 ימים

    This a true one sided story,What Isreal is doing over their is no different from what they do to people of color here

  • John Richardson Meadows
    John Richardson Meadows לפני חודש (ערוך)

    At Old Dominion University, a student assigned with me, to do a project, never showed up and finally, I learned that he told the professor that as a Jew he would not work with a White Anglo Saxon Protestant. She gave him an A (for nothing) and a me, a B for doing the project alone.  Later, a Negro friend of mine told me that she, "patronizing" him as a Negro, told him that she was going to see that I failed my Masters Exam no matter how I performed. He told me how to keep her off the examining committee, and I did just that, so then she filed a complaint that I was pursuing her sexually (the thought of which almost caused me to vomit).  That not working, a friend of hers, the administrator of the Computer Rooms, appealed to the Provost to expel me because I was the enemy of Israel and the Jews. That not working a male student working in the computer rooms who identified himself as a Pakistani, as if I cared, began following me and harassing, threatening, etc., and when I complained the response was that I was just racist.  An adult female from Panama who was studying to be an English teacher but was very confused regarding such words as am, is, are, and he, she, and it, complained that I, a lower class "Anglo" had presumed to offer her help with her English.   Until then I had had nothing but respect for all of them. Their racism and religious bigotry was the only racism and religious bigotry that I saw at Old Dominion, but I noticed that they are the first to accuse others of racism and bigotry.

  • Lu Rollz
    Lu Rollz לפני חודש (ערוך)

    Alan Dershowitz child trafficking guru and enabler extraordinaire. It’s a very big deal among his ilk. Wickedness in high places.

  • Chosen One
    Chosen One לפני חודש

    They are still victimized over WWII?