Lady Gaga - Stupid Love (Teaser 2) הורד

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  • 27 בפבר׳ 2020

  • “CHROMATICA” THE SIXTH ALBUM BY LADY GAGA OUT NOW “RAIN ON ME” THE NEW SINGLE & VIDEO FROM LADY GAGA WITH ARIANA GRANDE OUT NOW WATCH THE VIDEO: Shot entirely on the iPhone 11 Pro Directed by Daniel Askill Listen On @applemusic #ShotOniPhone: Listen on Spotify: Listen on Amazon: Listen on YouTube Music: SHOP THE OFFICIAL CHROMATICA COLLECTION: FOLLOW LADY GAGA: Facebook: Instagram: Snapchat: Twitter: Website: Official Store: Email List:


  • Siena McGibben
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  • NG Cnt
    NG Cnt לפני חודש

    This is apparently the track Chromatica 1

    CHROMATICA 2020 לפני חודש

    Could this be “CHROMATICA I”?

  • Cici
    Cici לפני חודש


    JAVÓNTII לפני חודש

    the fact that this is the first track on Chromatica, Chromatica 1, and we didn’t know it 🥴💗

  • Nomun
    Nomun לפני 4 חודשים (ערוך)

    2009: I want your love

  • pp
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  • lana
    lana לפני 4 חודשים

    Gaga is about to come back to teach these new artist how to PERFORM

  • Psalm john
    Psalm john לפני 4 חודשים (ערוך)

    Ariana: I will release my new single this yea...

  • Daniel Torrez Romo
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  • Jordan Walker
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  • John Carlisle Robinson
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  • Hunter Ziggy
    Hunter Ziggy לפני חודש

    Realizing this is for CHROMATICA ACT 1. I’m crying.

  • Zhenis Ahmet
    Zhenis Ahmet לפני 4 חודשים

    We still waiting Telephone 2. I hope she will realese TELEPHONE 2.

  • Jane
    Jane לפני 4 חודשים

    She’s saying the gays should stop fighting because she’s our queen and she can make us do anything.

  • whatwe Talkingbout
    whatwe Talkingbout לפני 4 חודשים

    Imagine she incorporates sign language with her dancing 😭😭😭 uh queen

  • sam gee
    sam gee לפני 4 חודשים

    She’s dressed almost as that girl from Grimes’ “Genesis”

  • Alex Morales
    Alex Morales לפני 4 חודשים

    It looks like she represents earths energy and feelings.. the different groups of people represent different parts that make up our world: nature, water, humans and so on. The world looks and feels barren. We ruined it by fighting and not getting along. Love was the answer. I might be wrong. Either way. I can’t wait!!!🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️💕💜🥰💗

  • Melanie Schouten
    Melanie Schouten לפני חודש

    Chromatica I is coming monsterssss ⚔️💓

  • Paul Truman
    Paul Truman לפני 4 חודשים

    Why do I get the feeling that's she is doing what she could not have done with Artpop. I mean Her creativity here is everything. She is literally building an entire new world !