Texans vs. Saints Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2019 הורד

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  • 9 בספט׳ 2019

  • The Houston Texans take on the New Orleans Saints during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season. Subscribe to NFL: http://j.mp/1L0bVBu Check out our other channels: NFL Vault http://www.youtube.com/nflvault NFL Network http://www.youtube.com/nflnetwork NFL Films http://www.youtube.com/nflfilms NFL Rush http://www.youtube.com/nflrush NFL Play Football https://www.youtube.com/playfootball NFL Podcasts https://www.youtube.com/nflpodcasts #NFL #Texans #Saints


  • Oz loves coffee
    Oz loves coffee לפני 10 חודשים

    Let's be honest the kickers have some of the biggest pressure moments in the NFL

  • Lieutenant Nomad
    Lieutenant Nomad לפני 10 חודשים

    This game was Super Bowl worthy!

  • outdoor Duane
    outdoor Duane לפני 10 חודשים

    If you're a fan of either team, I know you spent the last 5 minutes on your feet.

  • Johann Padron
    Johann Padron לפני 10 חודשים

    Saints aren’t even my team but they have always been a team that commands respect and they are always humble about wins or losses.

  • Nawlinz Kid
    Nawlinz Kid לפני 10 חודשים (ערוך)

    As a Saints fan. I have to make sure to take my blood pressure Medicine before each game.😂😂😊

  • King Nasty
    King Nasty לפני 10 חודשים

    Now that's what I call Monday Night Football

  • Moseph TV
    Moseph TV לפני 10 חודשים

    This has everything you could ever ask for in a season opener🔥 phenomenal game

  • J M
    J M לפני 10 חודשים

    One of the most incredible games I've seen. Unreal.

  • Thomas kane
    Thomas kane לפני 10 חודשים

    Great game. Desean watson is ridiculously good. Think of what he could do with a decent o-line?

  • Jamaal Francis
    Jamaal Francis לפני 10 חודשים

    Love my saints but much respect too the Texans they are gonna be a problem this year

  • J Stiles
    J Stiles לפני 10 חודשים

    The is definitely the best game of week one

  • David R
    David R לפני 10 חודשים

    Tough loss 4 My Texans but props to Saints Awesome Game

  • Ryan Ford
    Ryan Ford לפני 10 חודשים

    Best fvcking game I've seen in a long time from the NFL

  • Free OJ
    Free OJ לפני 10 חודשים

    LSU beats Texas

  • Regis Dabney
    Regis Dabney לפני 10 חודשים

    now that was a game!!! Who Dat!!! respect to the Texans tho

  • Cee Mer
    Cee Mer לפני 10 חודשים

    The Texans and The Saints were pleased to offer you the show you wished to see on last Superbowl ;-)

  • artisan09
    artisan09 לפני 10 חודשים

    Holy hell that throw by Watson at

  • M C
    M C לפני 10 חודשים

    This felt like a playoff game. Never give up on brees the goat. Who Dat

  • rjm
    rjm לפני 10 חודשים


  • Official Johnny Rocket
    Official Johnny Rocket לפני 10 חודשים

    Kamara is way quicker than last year. This dude bout to go crazy this year