Israel vows to annex West Bank; Turkey deploys drones in Libya - TV7 Israel News 26.05.20 הורד

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  • 26 במאי 2020

  • Today’s top stories 26.05.20; 1) Despite international threats aimed at deterring Israel form asserting its sovereignty over parts of the West Bank; Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu vows not to miss the “historic opportunity.” 2) In light of Israel’s aspired annexation, a growing number of attempted terror attacks is reportedly plaguing the West Bank. 3) Libya’s Turkish-backed Government of National Accord, under the leadership of Fayez al-Sarraj, managed to make several strategic gains at the expense of the Russian and Egyptian-backed Libyan National Army, under the leadership of Khalifa Haftar. #IsraelNews #tv7israelnews #newsupdates Rally behind our vision - To perches TV7 Israel News merchandise: Live view of Jerusalem - Visit our website - Subscribe to our YouTube channel - Like TV7 Israel News on Facebook – Follow TV7 Israel News on Instagram - Follow TV7 Israel News on Twitter -


  • Shawney32123
    Shawney32123 לפני חודש (ערוך)

    These pandemics aren’t coming from our good God. Anyone who takes the mark of the beast will receive the wrath of God. Our God is not doing this stuff... and the enemy of God is doing this to us. Think about it..take vaccines...let us do chem trails...5G....wake up!

  • William Chisholm
    William Chisholm לפני חודש

    Ezekiel 38 is being set up ! Jesus is coming very very soon !

  • Richard Lerma
    Richard Lerma לפני חודש

    I pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and Israel, and its Salvation.

  • Lina Bebes
    Lina Bebes לפני חודש

    If your God is for you, who can be against you. Arise, Lion of the Tribe of Judah and may your enemies be scattered.

  • Boott Campp
    Boott Campp לפני חודש

    We with you Jerusalem stand your ground.

  • Angela Ware
    Angela Ware לפני חודש


  • PR0J3CT ᕼΔCᛕΣR_70LymPicGAmes

    Israel ignore Europe's croaking. Their barking will not prevent the lion from eating..

  • Lois Foster
    Lois Foster לפני חודש

    Setting the stage for the rise of the antichrist who will promise world peace.

  • Iainehskhem Mawlong
    Iainehskhem Mawlong לפני חודש

    Turkey, Russia and their allies are preparing for possible Ezekiel war please be warned

  • Bill Bailey
    Bill Bailey לפני חודש

    Judea and Samaria are biblical areas Jesus walked - or has noone in the UN actually read a Bible?

  • Falcon Guy
    Falcon Guy לפני חודש

    God bless you Johnathan

  • trueme7771
    trueme7771 לפני חודש

    God Bless Israel God Bless Israel's Children God Bless Israel's every endeavor From America

  • Nadia Kanchan
    Nadia Kanchan לפני חודש

    We are in the end times the Lord will keep us ❤

  • Bishan Khor
    Bishan Khor לפני חודש

    Praying UAE and ISRAEL. Thank you Mr. Jonathan Hessen and TEAM for the updates. IDF personal upholding you in prayer. Stay strong.🙏🙏

  • Barry Mohammed
    Barry Mohammed לפני חודש

    My concern with all this happening...... that you raise up the tabernacle of david....Jesus is Lord.....i will touch Jerusalem soon....Jesus loves you.

  • TheLvablebird
    TheLvablebird לפני חודש

    'Now if you listen obediently to the voice of ADONAI your God. Deuteronomy 28" so many blessing. Joshua son of Nun,the successor of Moses all the lands ADONAI gave to the 12 tribes.All 24 Chapters of Joshua are inspiration of how Israel God is. What an amazing, awesomeness God we serve.

  • Augustine Kollie
    Augustine Kollie לפני חודש

    Father God be with your people and protect them from their enemy. The enemy of Israel shall fall like a dry leafs falling from a tree

  • m a
    m a לפני חודש

    God Bless Turkey ! .

  • Derek Finch
    Derek Finch לפני חודש

    Take a good look you Western politicians of what the Israeli people have to put up with every day the Fred are they citizens being murdered in the name of a Jihad in the name of a false prophet who teaches hatred and indifference to those who they mate how would you like to live in a country where you are under constant threat of seeing your loved ones injured or murdered by those people who many in the west support what like MS and the Palestinians that are constantly being told that all the hardships they got it because of the israelis but the truth of the matter it is their own Ruling Class that make the Palestinians lives a misery

  • going home
    going home לפני חודש

    Thanks for the news!♥️♥️👍🙏