Israel's ultra-Orthodox communities ‘ignoring’ COVID-19 rules הורד

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  • 3 באפר׳ 2020

  • Israel has put the city of Bnei Brak on lockdown after an outbreak of coronavirus. Health officials fear some 75,000 of its residents are already infected. It is one of Israel’s ultra-Orthodox neighbourhoods, which have been criticised for not observing movement restrictions and social distancing. Al Jazeera's Harry Fawcett reports. - Subscribe to our channel: - Follow us on Twitter: - Find us on Facebook: - Check our website: #AlJazeeraEnglish #Coronavirus #COVID19


  • Cain Tindal
    Cain Tindal לפני חודשיים

    Well when they start getting sick and dying they will be the first idiots who will cry over it.

  • Maui Caui
    Maui Caui לפני חודשיים

    Ultraorthodox jews calling other Jews nazis... just wow.

  • John Bosco
    John Bosco לפני חודשיים

    can jews come to qatar al jazeera?

  • K R
    K R לפני 3 חודשים

    The ultra religious in many places are doing this. They think their faith will give them immunity from the virus. Then they turn into super spreaders and kill others.

  • Wewe Wang
    Wewe Wang לפני 3 חודשים

    virus show us human stupidity

  • Jane Saly
    Jane Saly לפני 3 חודשים

    Ultra stupid.

  • hOurworld11
    hOurworld11 לפני חודשיים

    If they want to go out in public after being informed, then when they get the virus they shouldn't be allowed access to hospitals and drs cause they willingly went out knowing theyll spread it. Believing a imaginary friend will help them.

  • Colin Farrell
    Colin Farrell לפני 3 חודשים

    Alot of religions are doing this...the reason.. ignorance

  • Adam Sahr
    Adam Sahr לפני חודשיים

    So, in the land of genuine democracy the extremists are turning ultra-extremists , and in the land of secular rationalism, the Health Minister is an ultra-orthodox zealot !!!

  • Nina Martinez
    Nina Martinez לפני חודשיים

    Kinda same in orthodox neighborhoods here too. Its felt almost as if they've been coming outside to prove a point over last few weeks.

  • Muhammad Fayaz
    Muhammad Fayaz לפני חודשיים

    They will meet their consequences

  • Monica Dickson
    Monica Dickson לפני 3 חודשים

    Speaking truth, wisdom, revelation and vision into this land .

  • I C U
    I C U לפני 3 חודשים

    We are all doomed because of the stupidity of humanity 😩🤕

  • Lestat Angel
    Lestat Angel לפני חודשיים

    Darwinism at its finest hour.

  • AbstractEntityJ
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  • Food ForFun
    Food ForFun לפני חודשיים


  • Mike Garcia
    Mike Garcia לפני 3 שבועות

    0_0/* Man I'd love love LOVE to see a followup story on this report!!!

  • Steve Morris
    Steve Morris לפני חודשיים

    Should be arrested for fashion crimes.

    AARO LEV לפני 3 חודשים


  • Landon Thomas
    Landon Thomas לפני 3 חודשים

    This is a potential hazard of religious extremism.