Israel's PM Netanyahu, unbeaten in elections, goes on trial הורד

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  • 23 במאי 2020

  • Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu goes on trial on Sunday in three separate corruption cases, the country's only sitting leader to do so. Netanyahu wanted to be excused from attending the first hearing but the court refused his request. He denies all charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust. Al Jazeera’s Harry Fawcett reports from West Jerusalem. - Subscribe to our channel: - Follow us on Twitter: - Find us on Facebook: - Check our website: #Israel #Netanyahu #NetanyahuTrial


  • Linkacide
    Linkacide לפני חודש

    Send him to jail and leave him there throw away the key

  • John Owen
    John Owen לפני חודש

    While Assad and Kim Jong Un are still free. Israel is a democracy unlike the arab world and North Korea.

  • Bennie Crawford
    Bennie Crawford לפני חודש

    Why is he not in prison, where he can no longer bring harm to the world.

  • Baby drumphf
    Baby drumphf לפני חודש

    Boycott BiBi SatanYahoo & Israeli Products in General. I have Boycotted Israeli Products for decades & I'm not even Muslim. I'am an Ethical Atheist & maybe that explains it all.

  • Mary Davis
    Mary Davis לפני חודש

    Time for PRISON 6 😷

  • Andethidial bubabibub
    Andethidial bubabibub לפני חודש

    The only news channel that tells u everything.. Thanks for upload guys, your work is under appreciated

  • Roy Larsen
    Roy Larsen לפני חודש

    Watch this PERVY WOOD#3

  • awang aslan
    awang aslan לפני חודש

    Good drama 😂

  • April May
    April May לפני חודש

    Charge him with war crimes. Charge him with rape 2 since ‘those people’ are always getting convicted of rape

  • Jane Silva
    Jane Silva לפני חודש

    Lock 🔒 him up!

  • Amranx TV
    Amranx TV לפני חודש

    They will do nothing to him. Mark my words.

  • Islam
    Islam לפני חודש

    all drama

  • mario burca
    mario burca לפני חודש


  • vinm300
    vinm300 לפני חודש

    The Palestinians are laughing :-

  • Farhad Drafsh
    Farhad Drafsh לפני חודש

    you must be really naive to believe in justice in Israhell.

  • Daniel Peña
    Daniel Peña לפני חודש

    Yeah right

  • jim gayton
    jim gayton לפני חודש

    A Jew? Corrupt? Who'd have thought? In a country where you win elections by promising to steal another nations land, being corrupt is somewhat of a prerequisite.

    OXYMORON לפני חודש

    The evil dictator genocidal maniac

  • J South
    J South לפני חודש

    let’s not get to excited the demon will never be convicted he is a dictator he ain’t going nowhere look at Donald Trump

  • Vanraj vannu006
    Vanraj vannu006 לפני חודש

    all drama