Israel's PM Netanyahu goes on trial for corruption in Jerusalem | DW News הורד

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  • 24 במאי 2020

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  • ToLWaM
    ToLWaM לפני חודש

    imagine waking up from a 5 month coma, watching this and thinking “why in gods name is everyone wearing masks”

  • Jim M
    Jim M לפני חודש

    Both my younger brother and myself witnessed this POS whiner/baby as a hound boy. He lived in my neighborhood (West Oak Lane in Philadelphia) - at the local playground his armed secret service guys would force us to let him win at basketball. Now that sets the stage for the rest of his life - kinda like Donnie Plump - rich, powerful, abusive of that power, childish in attitude towards life, full of ambition and a willingness to cheat lie and steal to get there - just like Machiavelli.

  • matthew o
    matthew o לפני חודש

    This is one of those times were people can observe their own bias. If you presume guilt or innocence but don't read the court evidance documents maybe question your motives and morality.

  • Muntan Aziz
    Muntan Aziz לפני חודש

    Those "accusations" I think are applicable to most politicians of the democratic sphere....

  • Gary Fletcher
    Gary Fletcher לפני חודש

    This wicked man is of Israel's past.

  • ioan pena
    ioan pena לפני חודש

    Bibi 4 prison 2020 !!!

  • dumbo7429
    dumbo7429 לפני חודש

    Pushing through another Palastine land grab before he goes.

  • Eu sou a Marela
    Eu sou a Marela לפני חודש

    where can I find news about the OBAMAGATE at this channel ?

  • Joshua Pichardo Mejia
    Joshua Pichardo Mejia לפני חודש

    A Right Wing Government set in Office by God!!

  • Bobby Brown
    Bobby Brown לפני חודש

    No wonder Trump and he got along so well I tell this pandemic is showing exactly what countries leaders are all about

  • Ved Prakash Sharma
    Ved Prakash Sharma לפני חודש

    Let's see in which way the wind blows .

  • Leleh Lusade
    Leleh Lusade לפני חודש

    Great news! this year will see many world dictators and corrupt Presidents fall from power!

  • Beverley Lumb
    Beverley Lumb לפני חודש

    They can protest all they want but they will never get away from the fact of smoke and fire

  • Prins Ricky
    Prins Ricky לפני חודש (ערוך)

    His name say it all....he's a yahoo!

  • Ryndin Bacwaden
    Ryndin Bacwaden לפני 4 ימים

    kindly enlighten the ignorant... "is netanyahu a jaw...?"

  • outbacktrek
    outbacktrek לפני חודש

    BDS mafiaBibi lock himUp rightNow (Y)

  • Harris Khan
    Harris Khan לפני חודש

    Israel ❤️.

  • Prince Righty I
    Prince Righty I לפני חודש


  • Om Prast
    Om Prast לפני חודש (ערוך)

    Palestina love this!

  • Titi1324 Kiki13
    Titi1324 Kiki13 לפני חודש

    He will pay out of it! For sure!!!