Iran calls for Israel’s annihilation; Islamic Jihad for Jerusalem - TV7 Israel News 25.05.20 הורד

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  • 25 במאי 2020

  • Today’s top stories 25.05.20; 1) Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called on the Muslim world to united for the purpose of annihilating the Jewish State. 2) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu voices claims of a deep state conspiracy which has been relentlessly seeking to shift the power-balance within the Jewish State; as the Israeli leader’s trial over charges of fraud, bribery and breach of trust commences. 3) France reveals an anticipated European response to Israel’s probable move to assert its sovereignty over parts of the West Bank. #IsraelNews #tv7israelnews #newsupdates Rally behind our vision - To perches TV7 Israel News merchandise: Live view of Jerusalem - Visit our website - Subscribe to our YouTube channel - Like TV7 Israel News on Facebook – Follow TV7 Israel News on Instagram - Follow TV7 Israel News on Twitter -


  • Nate Apostol
    Nate Apostol לפני חודש

    Remember the 6 day war. God is with us, who can be against us?

  • Dawn Johnson
    Dawn Johnson לפני חודש

    Israel ❤️ will stand for ever and ever

  • Friend Friends
    Friend Friends לפני חודש (ערוך)

    "Deep state conspiracy" in Israel, same thing in the US. They even attempted the "impeachment coup d'etat", it didn't work. It ain't gonna work in Israel either.

  • Alton Riggs
    Alton Riggs לפני חודש

    He is like a barking dog in the night, annoying but harmless.

    WARNING לפני חודש

    Thats why they are cursed and alot of deaths happened to them.

  • Greg Weems
    Greg Weems לפני חודש

    Hah, Europe trying to tell Israel what to do while itself bows down to “ foreign immigration”. All along while Israel has to remain peaceful, rockets sail acrossed it’s boarders and nothing is said by this same weak body.

  • Balmore Segovia
    Balmore Segovia לפני חודש

    The god of Abraham Isaac and Jacob will protect Israel

  • Karl Collins
    Karl Collins לפני חודש (ערוך)

    Shalom from America what the left is trying to do to YOUR GREAT prime minister is what the left is trying to do to our president fight for what is right

  • mmccrack3n
    mmccrack3n לפני חודש


  • Mercy Maina
    Mercy Maina לפני חודש

    Almighty God we commit everything in your hands peace to Israel peace to Jerusalem shalom

  • ClarissaPacker 1183
    ClarissaPacker 1183 לפני חודש

    If I recall the Bible says when they say peace & security that's when all H. Is gonna break out.

  • Livia Evangelista
    Livia Evangelista לפני חודש

    “We all, like sheep, have gone astray,

  • Noxin Link
    Noxin Link לפני חודש

    They have forgotten about the famous 6 DAY WAR OF 1967 where 4 nations including Syria wanted to wipe out Israel but the Lord God Almighty fought for Israel and Israel surprisingly won the has been said that they fought for 6 days and rested on the 7th...the Lord confused their enemies and Israel shone. In preparation for that war, Israel had dug graves expecting a bloody beating but God turned their mourning into joy.

  • Amen
    Amen לפני חודש


  • Emmanuel boateng
    Emmanuel boateng לפני חודש

    he should remember Haman in the days of ESTHER in Persia there is a living GOD in Israel

  • Rubytuby
    Rubytuby לפני חודש

    When the surrounding nations come up against Jerusalem they will literally meet their maker and he won’t be happy with them.

  • Alexander Laurie Birchley
    Alexander Laurie Birchley לפני חודש

    Belligerent rhetoric for the most part. However, if I were a Jew, I'd never take such threats lightly.

  • Deborah Freedman
    Deborah Freedman לפני חודש

    Didn't these same anti-semitic bodies claim the US moving the embassy to Jerusalem would prevent any peace? It seems anything but complete capitulation will not bring peace with the Arabs, so why bother listening to their complaints?

  • Caroll Lafontaine
    Caroll Lafontaine לפני חודש (ערוך)

    Khamenei just proved that the two states solution is not possible. Shalom my friends.

  • Edward C Tullis
    Edward C Tullis לפני חודש

    the islamic republic of iran calls for Israel annihilation?