Doja Cat - Like That (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane הורד

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  • 25 ביוני 2020

  • Hot Pink out now! Follow Doja Cat: Follow Gucci Mane:\ #HotPink #DojaCat #LikeThat


  • GreenTea
    GreenTea לפני שבועיים

    Doja's pants reminds me of James Charles pants that one time 👀

  • Savage S.
    Savage S. לפני יומיים

    Why is no one talking about the split in the end

  • Dee2deeLuv
    Dee2deeLuv לפני יומיים

    Did y’all know this song samples Isley Brothers song “In Between the Sheets” she is multifaceted she’s R&B Hip Hop POP, the girl is a star 💫

  • Janay Royster
    Janay Royster לפני יום

    Doja makes the most fun videos. She looks like she has fun making them

  • Noah Pineda
    Noah Pineda לפני יומיים

    Not going to lie this song is pretty catchy

  • Trey Sebastian
    Trey Sebastian לפני שבועיים

    Can we take a moment to appreciate her dancing. Queen slays

  • Diamond And the 04
    Diamond And the 04 לפני יום

    To all the haters GET OVER IT she apologised and said she was sorry spreading hate isn’t gonna change anything the past is the past how would you feel if the whole of social media was attacking you. And yes I know this comment is gonna get hate from those same people I was talking ab

  • Kludge 97
    Kludge 97 לפני יומיים

    Goal: see the song

  • JoJo Scout
    JoJo Scout לפני יומיים

    I hate her for making this song extra good

  • Obakeng Allen most
    Obakeng Allen most לפני יומיים

    The most sad thing ABOUT this song is that it ends😭

  • Jay Alco
    Jay Alco לפני שבועיים (ערוך)

    No one gonna talk about how this studio didnt credit the artist who created the animated sequences in this video? In only THREE days? Animation is HARD. The talented animator is Curie Lu. Show them credit where it’s due.

  • Medy Lema
    Medy Lema לפני יום (ערוך)

    Doja did say she was gonna start dancing more so... there u go 🌟

  • OH BOI IT'S 3 A.M!
    OH BOI IT'S 3 A.M! לפני יום

    This sounds like pink glittery lip gloss that's strawberry flavored

  • Hailey Jordan
    Hailey Jordan לפני יום

    This has a Janet Jackson feel.

  • Jedidiah
    Jedidiah לפני יומיים

    gucci mane looks like the quarantine already got to him

  • YourFriendHere
    YourFriendHere לפני שבועיים

    99% won't read this but...

  • RayChill
    RayChill לפני יומיים

    if her outfit is not the one i'll wear for my wedding i ain't coming...

  • Da Jellyfish
    Da Jellyfish לפני יומיים

    The Music Video Producers: How much Sailor Moon Booty included?

  • Jiminslostjams
    Jiminslostjams לפני יום

    Everyone in the comments: the most sad part is when the song ends

  • JCrewCutie
    JCrewCutie לפני יומיים

    No one was thinking about anyone besides Doja while watching this video so there's that.