Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® - Special Ops Trailer הורד

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  • 8 באוק׳ 2019

  • The next evolution of Special Ops. Experience Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®'s massive 4-player co-op world on all platforms October 25th. Follow us for all the latest intel: Web: ; Facebook: and ; Twitter: and; Instagram: and


  • Srsly NotAGamer
    Srsly NotAGamer לפני 7 חודשים

    “Who’s your team?”

  • Shane Powers
    Shane Powers לפני 7 חודשים

    I showed this to my cat, he just laid there but I know he’s pumped like me

  • Solkannar
    Solkannar לפני 6 חודשים

    its a shame that this mode is broken.

  • Modie030
    Modie030 לפני 7 חודשים

    Light goes off

  • DooDoo Bandit
    DooDoo Bandit לפני 7 חודשים

    If there is no snowmobile race available, I’m throwing hands

  • MFQL Alexander
    MFQL Alexander לפני 7 חודשים (ערוך)

    Shout out to the teammate who still got the revive while they were gunning his cheeks

  • Sharkmankill Games
    Sharkmankill Games לפני 7 חודשים

    Senior Quote:

  • Ryan Singley
    Ryan Singley לפני 7 חודשים

    "We're going in deep, and we're going in hard" - "Surely you cant be serious?" - "I am serious....and don't call me Shirley"

  • Fin Smith
    Fin Smith לפני 7 חודשים

    “It’s only like 1% of the game”

  • Haris-T3 ✓
    Haris-T3 ✓ לפני 7 חודשים

    "Take no prisoners comrades"

  • SAM• 00
    SAM• 00 לפני 7 חודשים

    “Heavily wounded”

  • Vadim
    Vadim לפני 7 חודשים

    If we got 1% of the game gone for one year , i want to get a 1% refund

  • yroohj gouy
    yroohj gouy לפני 7 חודשים

    Nobody: Taylor: tRaIn gO boOm

    HELL CRUSHER לפני 7 חודשים

    Fifty thousand people used to live here.

  • ProBlazes
    ProBlazes לפני 7 חודשים

    I recognize that empty, desaturated pool anywhere, we’re going back to the Ghost Town bois

  • new lad
    new lad לפני 7 חודשים

    COD MW: SPEC OPS Trailer:

  • Mia is already tired
    Mia is already tired לפני 7 חודשים

    Me: whats available for driving

  • Chinese Penguin
    Chinese Penguin לפני 7 חודשים

    Favorite quote

  • Luke B
    Luke B לפני 7 חודשים

    "Everyone has a weakness, find the girl"

  • Vita
    Vita לפני 7 חודשים (ערוך)

    * sees Airplane *