Meek Mill - Going Bad feat. Drake (Official Video) Kostenloser MP3-Download

  • Premiered Feb 7, 2019

  • GET TICKETS TO SEE MEEK MILL THIS SPRING: https://meekmill.lnk.to/TheMotivation... Download / stream CHAMPIONSHIPS https://MeekMill.lnk.to/CHAMPIONSHIPSAY Directed by: Kid Art Video Commissioner: Joseph Boyd Executive Producers: Cartier Brown and Andrew Goor Executive Producers: Gary Bryman and Sarah Park Video Producer: Zachary Wright Subscribe for more official content from Meek Mill https://MeekMill.lnk.to/subscribe Follow Meek Mill http://meekMill.com http://twitter.com/MeekMill http://facebook.com/MeekMill http://instagram.com/MeekMill #MEEKMILL #CHAMPIONSHIPS #GOINGBAD
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  • Meek Mill
    Meek Mill 1 month ago

    THE MOTIVATION TOUR starts in less than 2 weeks:

  • Genuine Homo Meme God
    Genuine Homo Meme God 1 month ago (edited)

    Meek has been active as hell throughout the last six months. It’s great!

  • Hernekeitto
    Hernekeitto 1 week ago

    I showed this song to my sugar, its cocaine now

  • Krispy Pollo
    Krispy Pollo 1 week ago

    I think Drake and Meek went vegan this year and forgot the beef.

  • Damani Morgan
    Damani Morgan 1 day ago

    This what they hate to see, love the unity 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💯

  • china grose
    china grose 2 days ago

    So many successful black men in one setting😌

  • Regillio Wielzen
    Regillio Wielzen 1 month ago

    Who's reading this i hope you become rich💸💸

  • Nízia
    Nízia 5 days ago

    NO NAKED GIRLS on this rap music video! I'm proud

  • Satvik Jain
    Satvik Jain 1 day ago

    I showed this to my dog now he is a dawg.

  • Mustafa Bohra
    Mustafa Bohra 1 day ago

    It has GODFATHER theme but ORANGES in that fruit basket would Be LITT🔥🍊🔫

  • pacom20003
    pacom20003 3 days ago

    "You asked to see the boss so they sent me dawg" - Favorite line right there.

  • Oh4
    Oh4 1 month ago

    All we need now is What’s Free.

  • Ken Kaneki
    Ken Kaneki 1 week ago

    A good bar would've been:

  • Nightking 007
    Nightking 007 4 days ago

    Why T.I look so official in this

  • Yamal Elohim
    Yamal Elohim 1 week ago (edited)

    10 g’z to anyone in the world that can take away Drake Grammy and Hand 🤚 it ova 2 Rihannna Courtesy of Shady Records Eminem 💰 the Tab

  • billy 201
    billy 201 1 day ago (edited)

    SHeeessshhhh !!!!! im only just hearing this now ??! 😂😩

  • Looney 53
    Looney 53 1 month ago

    If you reading this... I hope you be rich one day and all your dreams come true🗣

  • Tfue
    Tfue 3 days ago

    i showed this to a cop

  • Barawa Update
    Barawa Update 1 day ago (edited)

    Drake cracks me up never laugh so hard LOL!!

  • J cudi_KE
    J cudi_KE 3 days ago

    T.I always looks badass.. 😎