We're Finally Going To Get Trump's Tax Returns Kostenloser MP3-Download

  • Published on Feb 7, 2019

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  • Butter Creme
    Butter Creme 1 week ago

    The look on John's face for the "abolition of rights" bit 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • daniel letterman
    daniel letterman 1 week ago

    Remeber when the big joke about President Obama was that he used a teleprompter ? Nah no one remembers the classy president.

  • Sandi Billingsley
    Sandi Billingsley 1 week ago

    I am entirely sick to death of Donald Trump's face and voice.

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca 1 week ago

    Jeez, Trump gets dumber on a daily basis. Was he tested for syphilis? Can the Dems require it?

  • D. H.
    D. H. 1 week ago

    Omg. It's so blatantly obvious he's got dementia. This on top of his narcissism, it's becoming more and more bizarre. Even kinda creepy. Everyone around him has got to know this, yet no one in the White House is saying a thing. Why? I have seen old videos of him as a young man being interviewed. He was somewhat intelligent and could articulate his thoughts. Now, he can't seem to finish a sentence and he has no clue what he's talking about. Impeach Trump and let's move on. This is BEYOND rediculous.

  • Kynk
    Kynk 1 week ago

    "Abolition of civil rights" and trump supporters will still be like, "I agree with that."

  • ForeverMe543
    ForeverMe543 1 week ago

    “They didn’t do this to Obama”

  • Psychotic Bob
    Psychotic Bob 1 week ago

    I want to see Trump's FULL tax returns from 1995 to 2015. I want to see ALL of the money HE SAID he gave to veterans organizations. Every dollar and cent!

  • Mary Yardley
    Mary Yardley 1 week ago

    Listening to the end was painful. "America is great," from the "Abolition of civil rights..." Blah blah blah, to, "Reverend" somebody "...is walking his daughter down the isle..."Isn't it great." We have a rambling moron for president, who probably couldn't pass fifth grade, and he's been head of what is currently, maybe not much longer, known as the free world. WTF

  • cattigereyes1
    cattigereyes1 1 week ago

    Impeachment is necessary and warranted!

  • MSc Bijles
    MSc Bijles 1 week ago

    Let's hope it happens quickly. Time to remove this bozo from office.

  • Azure22
    Azure22 1 week ago

    Trump is such a peach and I can hardly wait until he is canned.

  • Betsy Laughlin
    Betsy Laughlin 1 week ago

    Holy Scrambled Eggs and Brains ! Sounds like an elderly person with dementia and a 2nd grade education. Yikes!

  • LackeysLack
    LackeysLack 1 week ago (edited)

    The CC was ahead of Trump, so when he said "to the abolition" I mentally put "of slavery" there. So when he said "of civil rights", that hit me like a hammer.

  • wheelitzr2
    wheelitzr2 1 week ago

    Abolition of civil rights? He literally does not understand the words coming from his mouth!

  • Holy Land
    Holy Land 1 week ago

    If the orange parasite is willing to endure so much "presidential harassment" in order to put off showing his tax returns, it's only fair to assume that the tax returns will be more damaging to him than the "harassment."

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson 6 days ago

    Trump supporters = very low IQ

  • SecondLifeDesigner
    SecondLifeDesigner 1 week ago

    Trump is an expert in"Presidential Harassment". He learned all about it when he harassed President Obama for all those months creating "Fake News" about Obama's birth certificate.

  • Esterlina Tonog
    Esterlina Tonog 1 week ago (edited)

    The reaction of John is priceless, when Trump said about Abolition of Civil Rights😂😂😂

  • Answers in Insanity

    I love how obvious Trump makes it that he’s reading teleprompters. He has to turn his entire body and concentrate really hard to read the words. And he reads them like it’s the first time he’s read the speech (which I’m sure it is).