How do Chameleon Tongues work? (In Slow Motion) | Smarter Every Day 180 Kostenloser MP3-Download

  • Published on Nov 5, 2017

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  • Lelouch Alzahrani
    Lelouch Alzahrani 1 year ago

    You look like Popeye in the thumbnail

  • Jason Genova
    Jason Genova 1 year ago

    I'm more impressed with the fact destin could hold a cricket in his mouth without cringing.

  • Watergirl Blue
    Watergirl Blue 1 year ago


  • Jay G
    Jay G 9 months ago


  • Peter Johnson
    Peter Johnson 1 year ago

    248 crickets voted thumbs down.

  • Hapi djus
    Hapi djus 1 year ago

    Clearly the Chameleon species is not yet fully evolved, as everyone knows the catapult mechanism is inferior the one of trebuchets!

  • Ermude10
    Ermude10 1 year ago

    I also want a friend who answers questions like "Do you have a chameleon skeleton" with "I'm certain I do".

  • Eduardo Landaeta
    Eduardo Landaeta 1 year ago


  • A Strange Tree
    A Strange Tree 1 year ago

    I can’t believe no one has commented on the editing at

  • TheAgentTexas
    TheAgentTexas 1 year ago

    LOL, at

  • i Frosty
    i Frosty 1 year ago

    My coworker walks by and said "what are you watching?" "Oh I'm just learning how a chameleon tongue works" she says "Yeah you never know when you need to know that" I said "Yup smarter everyday".

  • OvAeons
    OvAeons 1 year ago

    that Argh at

  • TechSquidTV
    TechSquidTV 1 year ago

    Hey Destin, where do the sound effects come from? The sounds of the tongue stretching, that's not real right?

  • Santosh Pujari
    Santosh Pujari 3 days ago

    I was wondering if you guys have "Talking Chameleon " . thought it would explain better. 😂😂😂

  • FarmCraft101
    FarmCraft101 1 year ago

    Destin Grylls

  • lNightOwl
    lNightOwl 1 year ago

    Hey It's SmarterEveryDay and welcome to JackAss

  • David
    David 2 months ago

    You got to first base with the Chameleon.

  • Erwinson Pagtalunan

    Amazing. Poor crickets though. 😂

  • Jose A Madrigal Segura

    This reminds me of Rango

  • olio
    olio 1 year ago

    Did anybody feel sorry for the crickets or is it just me?