KITE built out of 20 € tent + repair instructions of torn kites. Is he really able to fly again? Kostenloser MP3-Download

  • Published on May 12, 2019

  • You can translate this Video in the settings for an english subtitle! We'll show you how to spend just a few dollars on a kite instead of thousands. For this, we invited the sailmaker Henni and the kite pro Mario. They make a kite with Fynn from scratch! It is - as always in Kliemannsland - the upcycling of a very different kind. But we not only work under the motto "from old makes new", but also pimp an old tent beach shell, so it becomes a kite. What else could you turn into a kite? And what kind of upcycling do you want to see next time? Mario's movie has been released since Friday and is an absolute must watch! https://youtu.be/DpXm_AYK64s The Kliemannsland - That are Fynn Kliemann, his friends and many helpers who are doing awesome shit on a farm in the north! What in peticluar? You can have a say on that at www.kliemannsland.de. With that there will be more videos created, you can watch. Every Sunday and if you're lucky, even on Thursdays! Daily madness you can follow here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kliemannsland Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kliemannsland Twitter: https://twitter.com/kliemannsland You also want to be a citizen? Of the most beautiful country in the world ?! Here's how it works: www.kliemannsland.de Kliemannsland is part of #funk. Take a look: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/funkofficial funk web app: https://go.funk.net Facebook: https://facebook.com/funk https://go.funk.net/impressum funk has no influence on the data protection regulations of this platform as well as the collection, analysis and use of user data. As far as we can, we handle your data with the greatest sensitivity. You can find more information about data protection on our website: https://www.funk.net/datenschutz #kite #diy #upcycling #flying
  • KITE built out of 20 € tent + repair instructions of torn kites. Is he really able to fly again? tags


  • MickyG
    MickyG 3 months ago (edited)

    iegendwie hat Fynn für alles mal irgendwann nen Schein gemacht 😂

  • Alex V
    Alex V 3 months ago

    Kann nicht bei jedem mal, wenn Fynn sagt das er das Schweißbattle gewonnen hat die Umfrage von Youtube eingeblendet werden. :D

  • Juckt mich nicht
    Juckt mich nicht 3 months ago (edited)


  • Leon A
    Leon A 3 months ago (edited)

    Der Kite Mensch sieht ein wenig aus wie Olli Schulz in jung 😂😂

  • MPunkt PPunkt
    MPunkt PPunkt 3 months ago

    Mit der Warnweste sieht Finn aus, wie der der eine von HGich.T

  • Jase Kob
    Jase Kob 3 months ago


  • Dug Dug
    Dug Dug 3 months ago (edited)

    Der Praktikant bei

  • Brechbohne
    Brechbohne 3 months ago

    Beachtlich was der cutter in der Postproduktion da noch herausgeholt hat aus dem Material.

  • SnipeForHype
    SnipeForHype 3 months ago

    Nur OG's kennen noch hauke

  • Dredwam
    Dredwam 3 months ago

    "das hier hat nichts von meditation" xD ich kann nicht mehr

  • Martin Garristjen
    Martin Garristjen 3 months ago

    -"Ich würde die scheiße abschneiden"

  • Tobi 2000u
    Tobi 2000u 3 months ago

    voll vom werkstück runna

  • Lennart Krogmeier
    Lennart Krogmeier 3 months ago

    Hey Finn, wenn du mal in Dänemark Kitebuggy fahren willst meld dich bei mir, bin bestens ausgestattet! 😅

  • behindertvorliebe
    behindertvorliebe 3 months ago


  • Sven Bimmelbahn
    Sven Bimmelbahn 3 months ago

    Schön Druck aufer Tüte und herzliche Leude, was will man mehr?!

  • glashaus85
    glashaus85 3 months ago

    Fly Kliemann

  • Martin Garristjen
    Martin Garristjen 3 months ago

    Geiles Video!!!

  • Die Deserteure
    Die Deserteure 3 months ago

    Gebt mir büdde den alten Introsound wieder. Ich habe ihn geliebt!

  • Der Restaurier
    Der Restaurier 3 months ago

    Fynn bei

  • Abgefahren!
    Abgefahren! 3 months ago