You Are The Reason - Calum Scott - Cover by Daryl Ong & Morissette Amon הורד

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  • 6 ביולי 2018

  • Instrumentals and mixing by Teddy Katigbak Recording Supervision by Kiko Salazar Video produced by Daryl Ong and Michael Loyola (Filmico)


  • Daryl Ong Official
    Daryl Ong Official לפני 10 חודשים

    Guys next month na ang release ng original duet song namin ni Mori. Promise na yan. 100% sure na. :) maraming maraming salamat sa mga sumusuporta sa amin! ❤️🙏🏼

  • Bembol Bee
    Bembol Bee לפני שנה (ערוך)

    The Philippines have the best singers in the world,..and the worst politicians.

  • Atieku Agostino
    Atieku Agostino לפני 3 חודשים

    The lady sounds so much like Mariah Carey 💯🖤

  • suresh sharma
    suresh sharma לפני חודשיים

    The Phillipines has best singers and powerhouse of the beauty pageant queen in the world. My favourite is Pia and Catriona.

  • hieuthuan vo
    hieuthuan vo לפני חודש

    "April 2020" who's still listening to this song. After watching the clip, I realized that why in Vietnam there are so many singers from Philippines, they're great singers. From Vietnam 🇻🇳 ❤️... Love you all

  • Hellcat
    Hellcat לפני שבועיים

    Dang! Is this philipino

  • Ross Naivaluvou
    Ross Naivaluvou לפני שנה

    When God created the earth he put all the best singers in the Phillipines.

  • Shaddy mcheshi
    Shaddy mcheshi לפני שבוע

    Aaauwh this is so beautiful. Much love from Kenya🇰🇪🇰🇪

  • メイプルメイプル
    メイプルメイプル לפני שבועיים

    is that mariah carey lost daughter? 😍

  • Al-washie Yahiya
    Al-washie Yahiya לפני חודש

    52M views. Who's with me?

  • Gail Yarbrough
    Gail Yarbrough לפני חודשיים

    There is singing in Heaven and this is what the aangels must sound like. Beautiful.

  • Daryl Ong Official
    Daryl Ong Official לפני שנה

    All this effort of choosing a song to cover, recording, shooting a video, doing collabs with other artists, would be useless and would mean nothing, if there are no people like you who watch, and share it! So again, Thank you guys! This is overwhelming!

    AUGUSTO BUNDOC לפני 5 חודשים

    I was supposed to be studying, but I somehow ended up on here. I don't regret it though. You guys sound magical!

  • Juan Ignacio Fernández Fernández
    Juan Ignacio Fernández Fernández לפני 4 חודשים

    Amo Calum , el es precioso y talentoso!.

  • Amiya Gustiyan
    Amiya Gustiyan לפני 5 חודשים

    🇮🇩 fans you at indonesia mor,, you're so amazing singer..

  • analyn b/0730
    analyn b/0730 לפני 4 חודשים (ערוך)

    Welcome year 2020..and I'm still watching this"who's with Me?

  • Daryl Ong Official
    Daryl Ong Official לפני שנה

    Thank you so much for all the love! I’m so happy that we finally got to do a collab! Morissette, in my opinion, is definitely one of the best if not the best and most skilled female singer in our generation! And I am just so blessed to have been given the opportunity to record this cover with her! I hope you guys loved our version! See you all in her concert this July 14! ;)

  • Melvs Valdez
    Melvs Valdez לפני 3 שבועות

    Who's still watching MAY 2020? 🙌

  • Edy Siswanto
    Edy Siswanto לפני 3 שבועות

    i sing this song to wife now, she told me please shut up....salamat kuya, ate...beautifuly done. Fans from Indonesia

  • Desrosiers Yvenïde
    Desrosiers Yvenïde לפני חודש

    I'm addicted to the girl's voice